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Body Care Products

Body Care Products - Beauty TimesThalgo draws on the riches of the ocean to find the essential elements for authentic and effective body care products. This experience has led Thalgo to become the undisputed leader in Marine Beauty.
Developed and formulated by a team of scientists, Thalgo body treatment products work in perfect harmony with the skin, due to marine active ingredients selected for their efficiency and extremely gentle properties. Packed with trace elements, proteins, amino acids and vitamins, both the sea and algae are bursting with goodness vital for beauty and balance.
Replenish - Beauty Times


Pleasure and softness, calming and soothing, baths carry you away into a world of well-being; your mind and body are deeply relaxed. Bathing can offer the perfect moment to replenish yourself from head to toe! Experience the art of bathing with Thalgo…
Effervescent Bath Care Pebbles – Your bath sparkles with life…and offers you sheer heaven in a blue lagoon water. Enjoy this exceptional moment and let your tensions slip away while the treatment deeply relaxes you.Micronized Marine Algae – 100% natural sea bath for a thalassotherapy “concentrate” at home! Ultra-rich in minerals and trace elements, these algae promote wellness and a refined figure.
Plasmalg Gel – A true beauty secret to apply just before slipping into a Thalassobath or Micronized Marine Algae bath, this gel promotes the absorption of mineral salts and trace elements.
Thalassobath with Algae – A bath with marine crystals and the scent of the ocean. Thalassobath combines trace elements with two remineralising brown algae for complete revitalising care.
Prepare|Exfoliate - Beauty Times


Feel deeply invigorated and prepare your skin for treatment products. Marine freshness and divine softness for purifying treatments that are gentle on your skin…
Marine Shower Gel – True nectar of softness, this gel cleanses and purifies the skin without damaging its hydrolipidic film. this invigorating marine shower is an everyday pleasure!
Marine Algae Cleansing Bar – This non-drying (calendula oil) and non-irritating cleansing bar gently foams and purifies the skin. Every day, you can enjoy all the beneficial effects of micronized algae.
Decomask Scrub – To gently exfloliate your skin! Creamy soothing, due to the read algae Chondrus Crispus, this scrub delicately exfoliates the skin. Smooth and toned, your skin is perfectly prepared for treatment products.
Moisturize|Nourish - Beauty Times


Hydration? It’s essential, every day. Pamper your skin, it will thank you for it! When your skin is nourished and its thirst perfectly quenched. It can be truly velvety. Wrapped in a protective cocoon, it is comfortable, radiant and peachy soft!
Intensive Nutrition Cream – A true SOS treatment, this cream brings comfort to skins craving softness. Gentle and silky smooth, it ensures immediate, optimum hydration. Perfectly nourished and soothed, your skin feels soft and exceptionally comfortable.
Soft Hydrating Emulsion – Envelop your body in softness! This fine and light emulsion provides the body with lasting hydration and leaves behind a delightfully fragrant veil. Rapidly absorbed, you can get dressed right away!
Sanitizing Dry Oil – Enriched with vitamin E, this fine oil provides long-lasting hydration and preserves the youthfulness of your skin. Its non-oily formula means you can get dressed immediately after application. Subtly perfumed, it enhances your skin’s beauty and leaves it shimmering with satiny reflections.
Youthful Hand Cream – Don’t let your hands reveal the passage of time! Cover your hands with a protective, invisible film: highly regenerating, this cream soothes and repairs the driest and most damaged hands. Enriched with anti-aging actives, it gradually erases the signs of time
Feel|Experience - Beauty Times


Awakening the senses–when the sea and aromatherapy come together… Aromaceane, a true path to well-being! As an aromatic massage or in your bath, a few drops are all you need for the essential oils to be fully effective and to release their powerful scents. Indulge in a moment of relaxation! This bath and massage oil eases away all stress and prepares your body for a calm and peaceful sleep.
Aromaceane Slender – To refine your figure and smooth unsightly dimpled areas… A cocktail of scientifically measured essential oils boasts a proven lipo-reducing effect that allows for the natural elimination of fatty acids to be increased by 3.6 (in vitro test).
Aromaceane Detox – Feel as light as air! Aromaceane Detox stimulates the elimination of fluids and relaxes tired legs. Massage over the skin working upwards.
Aromeaceane Vitality – Lift your mood and boost your energy! Apply this invigorating oil in the morning using brisk movements to re-energise body and mind!
Slim|Stay Slim - Beauty Times

Slim|Stay Slim

The essence of the figure! Regain the allure of a slender shapely figure. For 40 years, Thalgo has been women’s daily partner in their search for well-being and slimming.
Thalgomince Cream – This 2-in-1 cream delivers all of its powers! Rich in algae and caffeine, it helps you to visibly refine your figure. Thanks to its firming properties, horsetail helps reshape your body’s contours.
Thalgogive Refining Serum – An “army” of liposomes for a targeted action. This serum contains lipo-action. This serum contains lipo-reducing agents and an anti-glycation active ingredient. Rapidly absorbed, it instantly smoothes dimpled areas.
Marine Algae Capsules – Slimming and Wellness in capsule form! Fucus, Laminaria and Lithothamnium (Thalgo patent) bring you the nutritional riches of the sea and help counteract vitamin, mineral and trace element deficiencies.
Thalgomince Gel – Blue spheres that fight fatty deposits blend harmoniously with slimming algae to help you on your way to a beautiful figure. Dimpled areas and the orange-peel effect are minimized day after day.
Tone|Refresh - Beauty Times


Constantly on the go, your legs want to feel light and look slender, so that they’re both comfortable and seductive again. The feeling of lightness…slender, more beautiful legs!
Gel for Feather Light-Legs – This decongesting and toning gel has a fresh and cool effect that relieves feelings of discomfort. Plant and marine active ingredients help strengthen capillary walls and restore comfort to your legs.
Spray Frigimince – With a single spray, Frigimince has an instant “ice” effect due to its cooling complex (menthol, camphor) and helps drain tissues while stimulating circulatory exchanges.

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