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Face Care Products

For over 40 years, Thalgo has been a true innovator in the world of Marine Beauty. Our laboratories explore the depths of the sea throughout the world–always with dedication and passion. Strengthened by this expertise and knowledge, we draw beauty treasures from marine extracts to offer you authentic and effective cosmetology. Every day and every year, new discoveries enable our scientific team to formulate ever-more effective products to protect the beauty and youthfulness of your face.


Hydrate | Replenish Moisture

Chronological hydration…

Seve Marine – Extracted from Blidingia Minima (an algae that is able to survive without water for over two weeks), this complex repairs the skin barrier in order to restore and maintain optimum moisture levels in your skin.

  • Energising Vitality Cream – A moisturising morning energy boost!
  • Relaxing Cream – Deeply regenerating nigh-time relaxation.
  • Absolute Rehydrating Serum – An intensive, one-month treatment to replenish lost moisture.
  • Moisture Quenching Mask – Intensive thirst-quenching to bathe skin in moisture.



Savour the comfort…

Complexe Algomega – Featuring Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids extracted from micro-algae and a bio-mimetic moisturiser, this complex has excellent lipid-replenishing properties and strengthens the skin’s barrier function.

  • Delicious Comfort Creme – Enriched with nourishing Shea Butter.
  • Extreme Comfort Cream – A “water-in-oil” texture for very dry skin.
  • Melt-Away Mask Instant Comfort – A “lipidic bandage” for dry skin.


The purity ritual…

Criste Marine – Samphire, a sea plant, tirelessly braves salty waves of sea spray and is incredibly rich in trace elements. With excellent purifying properties, it provides resources that are perfect for cleansing your skin.
Pure Delicacy – Soothing cleansing care for dry or sensitive skin.
Pure Radiance – A choice of textures for normal to combination skin.
Pure Freshness – Sebum-regulating action and a burst of freshness for oil skin.
Reviving Marine Mist – Cell-energising action; mist over face after cleansing.



Your haven of relaxation…

Hyposensine – This ingredient is derived from the discovery of micro-organisms living at the depth of over 3,000 metres. It significantly raises the skin’s tolerance threshold, making it less sensitive to harsh external elements.
Bio-Protective Cream – A protective shield for your skin.
Bio-Repair Serum – Raises the tolerance threshold of extra-sensitive skin.
Immediate Bio-Soothing Mask – With a very gentle natural base, to soothe signs of irritation.



Matte, radiant and balanced…

Controlamine – Extracted from Laminaria Controlamine inhibits the activity of 5 a-reductase, an enzyme that plays a key role in excess sebum secretions. It helps prevent the irritations responsible for redness and unsightly marks.
Ultra-Matte Moisturising Fluid – With absorbent powders for a long-lasting matte finish.
Intense Regulating Serum – Controls sebaceous gland activity and restores the skin’s balance from within.
Thalgodermyl Purifying Extracts – An on-the-spot treatment rich in essential oils.
Deep-Cleansing Absorbent Mask – Rich in natural clay, with instant purifying action.




Complexe 02 Marine – This true marine oxygenator boosts the activity of mitochondria – the “lungs” of keratinocytes. Cellular respiration is optimised; cells disperse fresh and renewable energy, while their ability to eliminate free radicals and pollutants is enhanced.
Oxygen Cream – A true burst of oxygen to give a new breath of vitality to your skin.
Oxygen Serum – Deeply regenerating, specially for polluted skin.
Oxygen Mask – An instant radiance boost for a peachy complexion.



Deep-down effective action…

Substance Initiale Marine – A trio of active ingredients:
Purified Padina Pavonica extract (brown algae): surrounded by a matrix similar to our Intercellular Substance. Recognised by our cells, it stimulates the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans.
Beech Bud extracts: increase cellular energy reserves.
Matrixyl: a peptide that boosts collagen synthesis.
Wrinkle Control – Enriched with highly moisturising Moist 24, it treats fine lines and wrinkles at their origin.
Wrinkle Control Smoothing Concentrate – A cell-boosting treatment that invigorates and smoothes your skin.
Collagen Cream – The power of hydration that defies time For the very first signs of wrinkles.



Firm your skin…beautiful results

Pro-Collagene Marin – A duo of active ingredients:
Kelpadelie: extracted from a brown algae from the Antarctic, it protects the proteins that anchor the epidermis to the dermis and stimulates the production of elastin.
Toniskin: a purified yeast extract that stimulates the synthesis of collagen IV and VII – the main anchoring proteins.
Liftiline: gives our serums their “lifting effect”.
Perfect Contour Cream – Firmer and denser, your skin is strengthened from within.
Refining Firming Serum – Helps to re-sculpt and refine your face and neck, for “lighter”, more defined facial contours.
Densifying Firming Serum – Gives your skin new density and elasticity. Your face is “reshaped” and looks softer, more harmonious.
Firming Gel Mask – This mask has a powerful instant lifting effect thanks to the contouring properties of Polylift.


Eyes|Eye Contours

Amazing eyes, forever…

Gentle Eye Make-up Remover – Enriched with soothing extracts of Cornflower and Green Tea.
Moisturising Eye Care – Prevents the formation of lines and wrinkles.
Firming Eye Contour Gel – Minimises signs of fatigue and has an instant firming effect.
Revitalising Eye Contour Cream – Specially formulated to prevent skin slackening and improve firmness.
Wrinkle Control Eye Patch Mask – A fast-acting anti-wrinkle treatment: a youthful boost for your eyes in just 10 minutes!


Infintely |Youthful

Experience exceptional care…

Hormones Naturelles D’Algues (H.N.A.) – Like the “extracts of life”, Natural Algae Hormones act like reserves of youthfulness.
~slows down the destruction of hyaluronic acid by over 76%.
~blocks the destruction of elastin by over 90%. ~stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts by over 235%.
Exceptional Cream – Delicately captured in a rare and precious skincare product, Argireline limits micro-contractions in the face and visibly corrects expression lines.
Exceptional Serum – When your everyday skincare isn’t enough, this serum acts simultaneously on all the signs of aging.
Exceptional Eyes – This concentrate offers the complete Thalgo anti-aging expertise in a velvety and sumptuous texture.


Brighten|Even Out


Unizones Skin-Lightening Cream – This lightening formula contains an original active ingredient to prevent and reduce the formation of dark spots. It effectively conveys information to the melanocytes that can modify their pigmentary action.

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