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Sun Care Products

The sun - Beauty Times

The sun:

Friend and Foe. The sun is most often associated with holidays and leisure time. It offers a pleasure that we must not deny ourselves. Indispensable to life, notably for bone growth (synthesis of Vitamin D) and a “feel good factor”, excess sun can also cause damage, such as sunburn, skin aging or even some skin cancers. Understanding the sun. The sun has fascinated man for thousands of years. Observed and studied by all civilizations, it is feared and dreaded, adored and respected…

Bronzing Activator - Beauty Times

Bronzing Activator

Melanin Enhancer for Face and Body This fluid lotion accelerates the natural tanning process by stimulating melanin biosynthesis and preparing you to more effectively obtain the best tan. Active ingredients include Melanin booster and Chitin (powerful moisturizer).

Satiny Nourishing Oil - Beauty Times

Satiny Nourishing Oil

Low Protection – SPF 6 for Body and Hair This oil protects the epidermis from damaging sun rays whilst nourishing it. Active Ingredients include Algae Lipids, Plant Oils, St. John’s Wort extract and Vitamin E.

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